As news around the area and country continues to be dire, Darien schools will remain closed until at least April 20, if not longer.

Faced with unprecendented circumstances, administrators and faculty continue to find creative ways to connect with their students and given them the personal interactive experience.

Enter — Dr. Addley’s Neighborhood.

Watch the episode here.

Darien Schools Superintendent Dr. Alan Addley debuted the first episodie of his new show on the Darien Public Schools website,, Wednesday morning.

Fashioned in the format of Dr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, the show opens with familiar scenes from around Darien, until it zooms in on Addley’s office. Much like Mr. Rogers, Addley enters his office and hangs up his jacket. He then introduces the chidren to his puppet “friends,” Lucky the Leprechaun and Blue, the Wave.

Addley then encourages all students to wave to one another, and reads the children a book — The Giving Tree, by Shel Silverstein.

On Wednesday morning, Addley told The Darien Times he was grateful to Jeff DeMaio and James Flynn, who he called his “production team” in creating and posting the video. He also expressed gratitude to the Council of Darien School Parents, who created his puppets quickly.

As to why he created the show, Addley said “We love kids.”

He thinks the staff and and administrators “are trying to keep our connection with students and personalize their experiences,” and the show is part of it — especially for younger students.

Faculty and students have also been creating videos of support for one another.

The theme of the show was easy to choose as Addley said Mr. Rogers “has always been a personal favorite of mine over the years.”

So how often will the Darien school community expect to see episodes of Dr. Addley’s Neighborhood?

“Twice a week,” Addley said, “if the ratings are good.”

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