The Salvation Army bell ringing season runs through Christmas Eve when the red kettles are packed away for the season. When you give at the red kettle outside of Palmer’s Market, 90% of the money dropped in the kettle goes right back to the Darien community.

Did you know that the volunteers outside of Palmer’s Market collects on average about $500 in donations? The volunteers are Darien friends and neighbors. Groups such as the Boy Scouts, the Masons, Darien Men’s Group and others spend their weekends in December ringing the bells to benefit our community. The money they collect goes directly to the Darien Department of Human Services to help provide basic needs, housing, youth services, rehabilitation, and counseling to the people of Darien. This Christmas season, the Salvation Army is making it even easier to give back with smart chips and QR codes on the Red Kettle signs. Shoppers can now donate simply by using their mobile devices to make a digital donation.

The Salvation Army supports the Department of Human Services’ Back-to-School Program with donations of Payless gift cards. Last year, with the support of The Salvation Army and the Darien community, the Department of Human Services was able to provide backpacks, school supplies and gift cards for shoes and sneakers at Payless for 124 school-aged children in Darien.

The Salvation Army helps keep Human Services’ Household Goods closet stocked with essential household items. It provides eligible families and individuals with cleaning supplies, paper goods, and personal grooming products and allows those on tight budgets to spend money on fresh food instead of costly household staples.

The Salvation Army also helps Human Services provide emergency financial assistance to eligible Darien individuals and families.

These are just a few of the ways your donations help The Salvation Army serve the community at Christmas and all year long. Contributions help Darien Human Services help others.