New England Dance Theater is gearing up for its final 2012 spring performance, the ballet "A Midsummer Night's Dream" at New Canaan High School. Props and costumes, challenging choreography, lighting and backdrops and extraordinary dancing bring magic to the production.

"We're so excited for audiences to take the journey with us to the fantastic world of `A Midsummer Night's Dream.,' artistic director Ginna Ortiz said. "It's a beautiful show and not to be missed."

The New England Dance Theater counts this year on the talent of three seniors who have been part of the NEAD and NEDT family for years. High school seniors Olivia Bochicchio, Julia Foster and Caroline Schau will dance principal roles in the spring production.

Olivia Bochicchio, a New Canaan High School senior, starring as Queen Titania, took her first ballet class at NEAD in the seventh grade.

"Because I started so late, I had to try extra hard to excel and eventually achieve the level of technique where I am now," she said. "I couldn't have done it without dedicating myself to dance, and it's paid off."

In her personal take on Queen Titania, expressions and movements were of most importance.

"I tried to build on my experience with my professional partner Oliver Greene-Cramer who plays King Oberon, to perform a strong but moving and romantic pas de deux. I am honored and humbled to be dancing with him," she said.

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With professional dancer Andrew Claus, she allowed for a different experience, a more playful one, in their already hilariously choreographed pas de deux as Titania and Bottom.

Seniors Caroline Schau, a senior from Darien High school and Julia Foster, a senior from Wilton High School, lead fairies talk about embracing the role of Titania's fairy attendants. The theatre considered what regal and ethereal qualities to portray as her attendants and tried to express it through movement. She said they are all very close friends and have a lot of respect for one another as individual artists, so it's both fun and challenging.

Artistic director Frances Ortiz expresses a similar view.

" I am so proud of our girls accomplishments. They rank as some of the highest achievers in our community, on stage and off. This endless perseverance they have showed over the years will no doubt make them successful in any field they choose."

These dedicated dancers have put their heart and soul into this revived production. NEDT will share the culmination of its hard work on stage June 9 and 10 at New Canaan High School. For tickets and more information visit