Darien won’t repave roads this year. Here’s why.

DARIEN — Citing an “abundance of fiscal concern,” the town of Darien said it would postpone annual road repaving planned for July and August for about six months, drawing some criticism from residents on social media.

The town’s announcement earlier this week pointed to current oil prices as the reason for the high costs this year.

According to town documents, there were two bidders for the program this year. The lowest bid for the project— including materials and labor costs— was around $2.02 million. The town spent around $1.19 million in 2020 on repaving and $939,000 in 2019.

The town will seek a better deal once oil prices stabilize, the notice said. Ed Gentile, the director of public works, did not immediately respond to request for comment.

The notice attracted some blowback from residents on social media, many of whom questioned the financial concern behind the postponement in light of the town’s recent decision to spend $103 million to buy Great Island.

Paving will be rescheduled for early spring 2023, and will focus on completing roads near school, the town said. It promised further information to come on scheduling as well as a revised street list of which roadways will be affected.

Resident Bill Ozanne said while he understood the town’s decision, some roads needed immediate work.

“I don’t think putting it off another year to save money is the right idea for Christie Hill Road,” Ozanne said. “It’s really just totally falling apart.”