DARIEN — Police said a Darien woman is still dealing with the aftermath of an identity theft from December.

The victim went into police headquarters Feb. 16 around 11:10 a.m. after receiving a call from Target to confirm she wanted to open a store credit card. The woman never applied to open a Target credit card and found out a fraudulent application had been made in her name in Flushing, N.Y.

The woman told police she suspected the incident was related to when she had her identity stolen in December 2017 when a suspect withdrew $5,000 from her account. The suspect tried to withdraw an additional $15,000 but was thwarted when the bank reached out to the victim to confirm the transaction and the victim said it was fraud. The bank contacted the New York Police Department 90th Precinct who placed the suspect under arrest.

The victim said police told her they found the suspect had a fraudulent credit card with the victim’s account information, as well as a Connecticut driver’s license with the victim’s information and the suspect’s photo. The woman followed up with NYPD after finding out about the fraudulent credit card application and the agency told her to file a complaint with local police.

Police are continuing to investigate this incident but said the incident may not necessarily be connected to the prior identity theft.

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