DARIEN — A Darien woman lost $9,000 in a scam involving a man claiming he was from Microsoft.

The Long Neck Point Road woman told police she received a call from a man saying he worked for a subsidiary of Microsoft. He said his company owed her a reimbursement for computer software she’d bought. He told her to download a program called “Any Desk” so he could guide her through the reimbursement process.

The woman downloaded the program and the caller connected to her computer using it. While he explained how the money would be transferred, he was moving money within her bank accounts to make it look like he’d made a $9,000 deposit. The caller told the woman he would be over-depositing and she’d need to refund him. The woman withdrew the $9,000 she thought had been deposited by the caller and put it into his account.

After reviewing her bank account, the woman realized no deposit had ever been made and she gave the caller her own money. She reported the incident to police Oct. 24 around 1:15 p.m. Police are continuing to investigate this incident.

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Message from Darien Police

Many of the computer/phone scams that the department investigates involve some sort of overpayment/reimbursement transaction between the scammer and victim. The scammer “overpays” the victim (in a variety of methods) and requires the victim to reimburse them the overpayment. The money that the victim reimburses ends up being their own money. If someone is approached with this overpayment/reimbursement scenario, they should consider that this is not normal business practice and proceed with caution.