DARIEN — A 45-year-old Hollow Tree Ridge Road resident came to police headquarters Friday to report she fell victim to an IRS phone scam.

She told police she received a phone call earlier that day from a man who claimed to be a collector for the IRS, and she had to repay $5,800 in back taxes by noon or be subject to arrest. She withdrew the money from the bank and, as directed by the caller, went to the Apple Store and purchased Apple gift cards. After buying the gift cards, she gave the caller the gift card numbers. When she made an inquiry at a different Apple Store, she found the funds had already been accessed, and the cards had a zero balance.

Police remind residents that legitimate governmental agencies will never ask for anyone to purchase gift cards, pre-paid debit cards or Western Union transactions to settle any type of debt. It should be a red flag, they said, if anyone threatens arrest over the phone for a purported debt.

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