The widow of a former town employee will receive a $150,000 settlement after suing the Town of Darien for her husband's pension.

Hannelore Marinella filed a lawsuit against the town after her husband died because she would not have received 40 percent of his pension. However, before her husband died, he changed the beneficiary of his pension to his two children. Marinella was not aware she was no longer the named beneficiary and sued the town under the right to due process.

During Monday night's Board of Selectmen meeting, the selectmen approved a lump-sum settlement payment of $150,000 to Marinella. Town Counsel Wayne Fox said the details of the settlement could not be discussed due to a confidentiality agreement but the settlement was the appropriate action for the town to take.

"Anytime there is litigation there are many times where it is beneficial to the parties to resolve the matter without a trial because there is certainty with a settlement. From our perspective, the settlement was a reasonable way to close the case," he said.