Darien to identify sewage defects by adding dye into drainage systems

DARIEN — Beginning Dec. 13, the town is planning to add non-toxic dye into drainage systems in order to identify defects in connections to the sewage system, according to the Department of Public Works.

The town is working to eliminate groundwater and stormwater from entering the sewage system, according to a department release. The dye, which will be added into systems such as sump pumps, roof drains, or yard drains, will let officials know where there may be an illicit connection in the system, the department said.

The dye is harmless and should not come into contact with living or working spaces, according to the DPW. The work will require entry into buildings or onto private property.

The DPW will be conducting work on this project for two to three weeks starting Dec. 13, and residents will be notified in advance if the town needs to access their property or building, the department release said.

If residents have questions about workers requesting entry into buildings or property, they can contact the department at 203-656-7346 to verify. All DPW workers will carry identification.

“Do not allow anyone into your home unless you are satisfied that the person(s) are legitimate,” the release said. “The presence of a police officer with technicians should indicate legitimacy.”

Residents looking for more information should visit the Town of Darien website.