It just keeps going up — Rescue Main Street Darien, the gift certificate swap created by 14-year-old Sophie Curtis and her three siblings — Ben, 12; Will, 10, and Grace, 7 — has now raised more than $11,000 for local businesses.

It has raised $11,360, to be exact.

That’s more than a $6,000 increase since last week, when the story first ran in The Darien Times.

In addition, the Rescue Main Street Darien Facebook page now has 1,062 members — more than 100 members since just last week.

Sophie’s goal is still set for around 250 gift cards. She is now very close — at 235 cards.

The purpose of Rescue Main Street Darien is to help support Darien businesses who have suffered as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Those who wish to participate may purchase a $50 gift certificate from any Darien business now. They will then post a picture on this page to share, and put the gift in an envelope with their name, email, and telephone number. Then, send an email to and Sophie will come to pick it up, wearing a mask and gloves.

Sophie said she hopes to do a gift card exchange at the end of May or early June. At that time, any resident who contributed a card will receive a random envelope from another contributor with a $50 gift card.

“We are going to work hard to make sure we are being safe with the distribution,” Sophie said.

For more information, visit Rescue Main Street Darien on Facebook.