Darien students garnered some of the best scores on the state’s Smarter Balanced Assessment Curriculum tests.

According to data released by the State Department of Education, Darien had the highest percentage of students overall who met or exceeded achievement levels across all grades in English and Math.

In all classes between grades 3 and 8 in Darien schools, more than 80 percent of students met or exceeded the achievement goals for English Language Arts, with 92.4 percent of seventh-graders meeting or exceeding the goals.

Darien Public School Superintendent Dan Brenner said in a statement that he was pleased overall with the results, and hoped the state would release background data on the testing which could assist in instructional “best practices.”

The Smarter Balanced Assessment Curriculum is a computerized test aligned with the Common Core State Standards with new baselines for student achievement and replaced the Connecticut Master Test and Connecticut Academic Performance Test last year.

While 89.2 percent of Darien eighth-graders were at or above the state’s achievement levels in English, only 54 percent of eighth-grade students statewide achieved the state’s standards.

Overall, 39.1 percent of Connecticut students met the state’s achievement levels in math, compared with 75.9 percent of all Darien students.

In its assessment, the district found the results to be “competitive” with other districts in the same district reference group, which includes New Canaan, Ridgefield, Westport, Weston, Wilton, and Easton/Redding.

Middlesex Middle School took the top spot in that group of districts in English Language and Math for grades 6, 7, and 8, with 92 percent of students in the seventh grade meeting or exceeding English Language achievement goals.

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Darien students compared favorably with other students in their district reference group on the Smarter Balanced assessment tests. Following is the percent of students in those districts in DRG-A group (which includes Darien and New Canaan) who exceeded the SBAC’s achievement goals.

Easton English 75.6 percent; Math 63.1 percent

Darien English 85.3 percent; Math 75.9 percent

New Canaan English 82.2 percent; Math 74.1 percent

Redding English 77 percent; Math 67.6 percent

Region 9 HS English 84.9 percent; Math 68.5 percent

Ridgefield-English 82 percent; Math 66.2 percent

Weston English 78.4 percent; Math 70 percent

Westport English 85.1 percent; Math 72.8 percent

Wilton English 73.6 percent; Math 57.3 percent

By contrast the Darien English and math scores for that group of districts were lower, though still far exceeding state levels.

The 58.9 percent of Darien 11th graders who met or exceeded the test’s achievement goals in math compared with 68.7 percent of 11th-graders in New Canaan.