The Darien High School Ski Awards Banquet was held on Tuesday, March 15. The Most Valuable Players for the season voted were Meg Del Col for the third year in a row and Brady Collins, as voted on by their teammates. Del Col led the girls team to a successful 13-5 record and a fourth place finish in the Class S division. The girls team also took seventh place in the March 3 Connecticut Interscholastic League State Championship held at Mt. Southington.

Brady Collins led the Boys' team to a respectable season with 12-10 record and a third place finish in the Class S Division and 10th place in the Connecticut Interscholastic League State Championship.

The girls' times in the championships were co-captain Del Col at 47.85, followed by Fay Rizzuto at 51.05, co-captain Natalie Rowe at 54.10, Allison Graham at 54.78, Kailin Edgar at 56.45, co-captain Dana Howe at 60.20, Kendall Kyritz at 62.48, Kyle McCoy at 73.05 and Abby Howe and Kelsey Edgar who were disqualified.

The boys' times in the championships were Will McCoy at 50.68, Peter Del Col at 51.34, co-captain Collins at 51.40, co-captain Chris Brophy at 56.40, Andy Mogenson at 56.58, Nick Wolf at 56.59, Graham Lesco at 58.40, Conner Nackley at 62.47, Alex von Steulpnagel at 63.19, and Jose Corte-Real at 65.92.

Collins and Corte-Real are graduating from the boys' team, and Del Col, Rowe, Howe, Kyritz, McCoy, and Lizzy McArthur are graduating from the girls' team.

The boys' team elected Brophy, McCoy and Mogenson co-captains for the 2011-12 season, and the girls' team elected Edgar and Rizzuto co-captains for the 2011-12 season.

"Meg and Brady certainly deserve the MVP awards," coach Brian Zeyer said. "They had outstanding times in all the races this season and set great examples for the other team members."

"The team members provided great support for their teammates all season long and I couldn't be more proud of their effort during the season and the championship races," assistant coach Marc Power said.

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