DARIEN — Darien residents experienced a spike in identity thefts as seven incidents were reported to police in seven days.

According to police, they receive reports of identity theft on a regular basis, but these numbers are unusual.

“There’s no rhyme or reason, no similarity, except these are ongoing scams that people should pay attention to,” said Capt. Don Anderson.

Police said over the first week of November, they received seven complaints of identity theft, including three reports from three separate victims in one day. None of the incidents were connected and none of the criminal activity occurred in Darien, but police urge residents to be on alert when it comes to their personal information.

Among the incidents, police received reports of credit card applications being reported under a Darien resident’s name, an attempt to add a line to a Darien resident’s Verizon account and an email being hacked and files being compromised. In one incident, the credit card application was caught before the person got credit, but in a second incident reported, a Darien resident found out a Discover card had been opened in their name back in August. The card had thousands of dollars charged to it, but none were in the area. The card was shut down and connected back to an address in Columbus, Ohio. Police are investigating that incident.

In particular, police urge residents to be on the lookout for texts from a number claiming to be Bank of America that asks you to reply back with personal information. Police said this is a scam they’ve seen lately and residents should not reply to any texts from their bank.

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More Information

Darien police offered these tips to avoid having your identity stolen

Check your credit history even if you think nothing is amiss

Keep up to date on your bank account

Keep a keen eye on incoming emails for scams. Many fraudulent emails have spelling errors

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is