Darien seeks public input tonight on state's proposed zoning bills

Town Hall

Town Hall

Susan Shultz

DARIEN — Darien’s Planning and Zoning Commission will hold a virtual public hearing Tuesday night on the housing and zoning reform bills that have been introduced to the state legislature.

The hearing will be held via GoToMeeting at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday.

The commission intends for the public hearing to allow Darien residents to express their thoughts on the bills that some have criticized in town and in other Fairfield County municipalities.

Many Fairfield County municipal leaders, particularly in Greenwich, have objected to the state’s implication that the towns are not doing enough to address affordable housing.

Comments will be received on the following bills:

Senate Bill 804 - An act concerning inclusion in certain communities (Housing Committee)

Senate Bill 1024 - An act concerning zoning authority, certain design guidelines, qualifications of certain land use officials and certain sewage disposal systems - (Planning & Development Committee)

Senate Bill 1027 - An act concerning accessory dwelling units and zoning regulations (Planning & Development Committee);

Senate Bill 1068 - An act concerning property taxes and affordable housing (Planning & Development Committee);

Housing Bill 5683 - An act concerning affordable housing (Housing Committee);

Housing Bill 6107 - An act concerning the reorganization of the zoning enabling act and the promotion of municipal compliance (Planning & Development Committee);

Housing Bill 6430 - An act concerning housing authority jurisdiction (Housing Committee);

Housing Bill 6521 - An act concerning changes to zoning & affordable housing requirements concerning accessory dwelling units and prohibiting list-back agreements (Housing Committee);

Housing Bill 6611 - An act concerning a needs assessment and other policies regarding affordable housing and development. (Planning & Development Committee);

Housing Bill 6613 - An act concerning accessory apartments, middle housing and multifamily housing (Planning & Development Committee).

The commission suggests written testimony (emailed to darienpzc@darienct.gov). The public hearing will be limited to one hour with each speaker allowed up to three minutes. Speakers are asked to email in advance.

First Selectman Jayme Stevenson and Planning & Zoning Commission Chairman Steve Olvany have testified in writing and in person against the bills. The Planning & Zoning Commission also convened a sub-committee to analyze the bills. The legislation moved out of committee last week with some modifications.

To access the hearing, visit GoToMeeting or call 872-240-3311 with access code 680-494-397