CLARIFICATION: First Selectman Jayme Stevenson has issued a clarification to The Darien Times previous article. Her action lifts the previous executive order which means the rules for schools and fields are up to Parks & Rec and the school district. Her clarification is below:

“First, let me say that virus data in Darien suggests that we are and have flattened the curve here. As of today we have 203 total cases, only 16 hospitalizations and sadly 5 deaths. These numbers have been holding steady for the last 1 ½ weeks

The decision to lift the local order was made in collaboration with the Superintendent and Board of Education Chair. Planned end-of-year school activities necessitated the action. With the local order lifted, the school district will be managing the use of their facilities and must make sure that any uses are in harmony with all of the Governor’s Executive Orders and State of CT ReOpen criteria. Lifting of the order also returns that responsibility to the Parks & Recreation Department and Commission for our parks and beaches. Enforcement of Executive Orders will be the responsibility of each of those departments in collaboration, as needed, with our Local Health Director, Darien Police Department and me.

Residents will have to contact the Darien Public Schools and Parks & Recreation Department for information on field and facilities use.”

Darien Times has reached out to the schools and Parks & Rec Dept.

Previous: Darien High School’s school campus has reopened to vehicles and school campus grounds, playgrounds and fields have reopened as per an announcement from First Selectman Jayme Stevenson’s office Friday morning.

The announcement follows the school district’s announcement that Darien High School will be holding a drive through parade and socially distant individual diploma distribution on the campus on June 11.

Read more about Darien High’s graduation plans for seniors here.

The notice references the Executive Order on April 8 that closed the school campus to vehicular traffic and closed the fields, amenities and playgrounds at all schools.

Though the notice from Town Hall references a fire truck parade on May 30, Darien High Principal Ellen Dunn said the fire truck parade has been canceled.

“Whereas, in conjunction with the recognition and celebration of Darien students, including high school graduation, it is appropriate to open the Darien High School campus,” the notice said.

“Therefore, it is hereby proclaimed and ordered, that the directive of the Chief Executive Officer of the Town of Darien dated April 8 which restricted the vehicular access and traffic within the Darien High School campus and prohibited the use of athletic fields, amenities and playgrounds at Darien High School and all Darien schools, and prohibited the use of baseball and softball fields at Town Hall, McGuane Park, Baker Park, Cherry Lawn Park as well as batting cages at McGuane Park is hereby rescinded,” the order said.

It added the order was effective immediately, and was signed by First Selectman Jayme Stevenson on May 28.

Town Hall

This week, Stevenson also announced plans for Phase I of reopening Darien Town Hall to the public, as well as the institution of summer hours.

Beginning June 1, Town Hall will be open to the public by appointment only. June 1 will mark the start of a trial period for a flexible schedule. Town Hall hours will be 8 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. Monday through Thursday. Town Hall will be closed on Fridays, however building inspections will continue to be available on Fridays.

Residents and individuals needing to conduct business with the Town are encouraged to do so remotely whenever possible. Residents who need to conduct business at Town Hall must contact the appropriate department to schedule an appointment. Everyone entering Town Hall is asked to wear a mask or an appropriate face covering while in the building.

The Town has set up meeting stations that meet required distancing rules in Room 119. Meetings will be conducted in Room 119 whenever possible. If the meeting cannot be conducted in Room 119, individuals will be escorted to the appropriate office and, when done, escorted back to the exit. More info at