DARIEN — There are several world-renowned political and literary figures who currently reside in Darien.

They just happen to be furrier and shorter than expected. And instead of speaking, they bark.

According to the Town Clerk’s dog licensing records from 2017, there were a total of 2,345 registered canines in town last year.

“I’m the only one in the office that’s not a dog owner,” Town Clerk Donna Rajczewski said with a laugh.

The most popular dog name in town was Lucy with 40 puppers registered as such. Cooper followed closely with 34 and Bella with 28. Charlie and Daisy tied for fifth with 26 registered dogs each.

Chip Stahl, animal control officer in town for 13 years, said that not only is it state law for dogs to be licensed by residents in their towns but it’s helpful for when he finds stray dogs.

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Top Dog Names in Darien

2. Cooper
3. Bella
4. Daisy and Charlie (Tie)

“I find between 30 to 50 stray dogs a year,” Stahl said. “With the licenses, we can ensure if a dog is up to its rabies shot and this way we know where to take the dog home or whom to call if no one is there.”

Several dogs were also named after a group of renowned literary figures from different centuries. Dante joins Hobbes, Hemingway, Jack Frost and Fitzgerald in canine form.

There must also be a fair number of Star Wars fans in town. There were six dogs named Chewbacca — the fur-covered Wookie who is Han Solo’s companion — that were registered last year.

Thor, Einstein and even former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher make an appearance.

Other canines were named in honor of fictional characters Huckleberry, Gatsby, Eeyore and Zorro.

Those with prefixes were Mr. Snuggs and Sir Jake.

The most popular dog breed was the Labrador retriever of which there are 362 in town, outstripping the second place golden retriever with 213. Cockapoo came at a distant third with 61 followed by 47 Havanese and 35 German shepherds.

Three of the top five most popular dog breeds in town are also the top five in the country.

According to the American Kennel Club, Labrador retrievers, golden retrievers and German shepherds were the three most popular dog breeds in the country for 2017.

All dogs over six months old must be licensed at the Town Clerk’s office at town hall. Once obtained, dog licenses are in effect from July 1 to June 30.

The two oldest dogs, both age 19 (or 133 in dog years), were Pepe and Ella.

Rajczewski and Stahl reminded residents that dogs are not allowed on any of the town beaches at any time.