Darien’s first selectman to state Dems concerned over Great Island purchase: Come to meetings.

DARIEN — After three Democratic legislators questioned the town’s priorities as it considers purchasing a $103 million island, First Selectman Monica McNally said she would like to see them attend a public Board of Selectmen meeting.

McNally’s response comes before Thursday evening’s information session about Great Island, where residents are invited to share their thoughts about the upcoming potential purchase.

The town has until June 28 to sign on the property.

In a Tuesday letter written by state Sens. Bob Duff, Will Haskell and Patricia Billie Miller, the legislators asked McNally for a meeting to discuss affordable housing options and the rejected Open Choice program that would have allowed kindergarten students from Norwalk to attend Darien schools, saying previous repeated inquiries had gone unanswered.

On Wednesday, McNally wrote in an email that the legislators were welcome to attend upcoming meetings of the Board of Selectmen, adding that she had previously extended the same offer to appear before a public meeting on March 30. She also invited them to attend upcoming July and August meetings of the Board of Selectmen.

“As Darien’s senators, you have always had the opportunity to attend a Board of Selectmen meeting and address me and my board as well as your constituents, to communicate what you are doing at the state level on behalf the residents of Darien and the state,” McNally wrote.

In an email, Kevin Coughlin, communications director for CT Senate Democrats, said Miller is out of town and Haskell cannot attend Thursday’s meeting because of a previous commitment.