Darien Police

Darien Police recently updated The Darien Times said that one officer had been quarantined but his test results had come back as negative.

“This allows us to bring other several officers back who were quarantined simply as a precaution,” Chief Donald Anderson.

In terms of discouraging gatherings, Anderson said police are frequently patrolling the beaches and other similar areas.

“As always, we are looking for compliance from our public. Yes, we would advise folks that large gatherings are simply not prudent given the uncertain and rapid changing COVID-19 crisis,” he said.

Anderson said he does not foresee any type of enforcement of these policies other than a conversation with gathering residents. While police do have options if residents repeatedly fail to heed these warnings, Anderson said this is rare, and “again, I do not foresee us having to do this.”

“A mandatory quarantine is a drastic step; we will cross that bridge if and when we ever get there. Again, our residents and guests are almost always reasonable people. I would expect no difference in the event we had additional restrictions in place,” Anderson said.

“Our staff is holding up pretty well thus far and we stand ready to provide the same professional level of service as we always do,” he said.

Darien Police also recently issued an advisory asking for residents to not visit headquarters in person and to avoid using the lobby medicine drop off box until further notice.

The department has suspended civilian fingerprinting (non-criminal) until further notice. The child safety seat Installation service remains suspended as well.

Needs can be communicated through the non-emergency number at 203-662-5300.


Fire Marshal Bob Buch said to his knowledge, no one in Darien’s three volunteer fire departments — Darien, Noroton and Noroton Heights — has tested positive for the coronavirus.

He added that because of the virus, fire departments “have definitely changed their approach in response to calls.”

“Our dispatch center, South West Regional Communications Center (SWRCC) is asking additional questions on calls, and upon arrival one person is going to the door to ascertain the general health of the occupants, and we are trying to limit the possibility of exposure, by only having one or two firefighters enter a structure to investigate while maintaining social distancing,” Buch said.

However, if it is an urgent situation, such as fire or a heavy smoke condition, “it becomes a traditional normal operation with firefighters doing what needs to be done,” Buch said.

Post 53

Darien EMS Post 53 continues to respond to medical emergencies. There is a sign up page for residents to donate dinners for the students and staff on duty. Visit https://www.signupgenius.com/go/904084bafac2ba1fb6-post

There’s recently been a call for donations as supplies at Post 53, much like the rest of the region, are becoming scarce. Donate at https://www.post53.info/donate

Code Red

Sign up for Darien’s emergency update service at http://www.darienpolice.org/content/207/259/default.aspx.