William Van Loan Jr. of Darien has donated his 1918 James Daugherty poster, “The Ships Are Coming” to the Darien Historical Society.

The poster was featured on the art work and banner for the recently closed Over Here: Darien and World War One exhibit. Bill Van Loan felt it belonged at the Darien Historical Society as James Daugherty was a local artist of some importance. Daugherty painted the mural “Nursery Rhymes” at the Holmes School during the WPA era and has been featured in the Golden Age of Art and Design show at the Darien Historical Society. Daugherty was instrumental, along with Robert Pallesen and others, in the formation of the Guild of the Seven Arts in Darien during the 1920’s.

The Society welcomed his donation as it is a significant addition to their growing collection of local art. William Van Loan, left, David Polett, Co-Curator of the WWI exhibit, and Maggie McIntire, Executive Director of the Darien Historical Society.