DARIEN — When David Hawes drove through Westport, he always admired the American flags lining the Post Road Bridge over the Saugatuck River. The lifelong Darien resident felt his hometown was lacking when it came to that same patriotic spirit.

“I was kind of jealous of what other towns and cities do for Memorial Day and the Fourth of July,” said the town realtor. “We have a very dedicated group that maintains the Veteran’s Cemetery in town and they do a fantastic job putting flags on site and it seemed our downtown was lacking. There were more decorations for Halloween than Memorial Day.”

Hawes complained to enough friends that he decided to amend this by hanging up flags for Memorial Day. After getting approval from the town and promising they’d keep the flags in good condition, Hawes and a group of friends and colleagues pitched in to mount about 100 flags on signature light posts around town.

Hawes’ wife and fellow Halstead realtor, Holly, helped out, as did their fellow agent Nancy Dauk. John Hertz, Paul Hertz, Robert Wood and Tim Wood of Hollow Tree Self Storage also pitched in, helping mount the flags in the week leading up to Memorial Day.

Dave Campbell, president of Ring’s End, donated the flags, as well as the brackets and equipment to help mount the flags on the poles.

“I thought it would dress up the town,” Campbell said. “With Memorial Day and Fourth of July, it’s a patriotic time of year. It’s nice to have the flags up. We’re a longtime Darien based business and we’ve always tried to help do positive things for the town.”

The flags are going to remain up until the Fourth of July, but Hawes said it could be longer. People have already expressed their appreciation to him for his efforts.

“Hopefully this will happen for a long time to come,” he said. “Memorial Day is really our responsibility to make sure people remember a lot of people have died so we could be free and do these things.”

“We had a good time doing it and it makes me feel better driving through town,” he added. “I hope others appreciate seeing it as much as I appreciated doing it.”

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