DARIEN — It’s better to be safe than sorry.

By that motto, Darien ranks first in the state and 54th in the nation for safety, according to SafeWise, a professional review and comparison website that provides tips on safety and community resources.

According to the data analyzed for the SafeWise 2018 Connecticut rankings, 99.59 percent of the crime in town is property-related — burglary, arson, motor vehicle theft — and 0.41 percent is violent — aggravated assault, murder, rape and robbery.

With a population of 21,995, there are 0.05 violent crimes and 11 property crimes per 1,000 people.

In previous annual reports, SafeWise combined property and violent crime rates into one statistic to determine rankings, according to SafeWise representative Krystal Rogers. In 2015, 2016 and 2017, Darien was ranked the third, 22nd and 27th safest city in Connecticut, respectively.

For 2018, the rankings were based on violent crimes, and property crimes were used as a tie-breaker.

“We weighed violent crime rate higher starting this year because we felt that threats to personal safety should be weighted higher than property damage when determining the overall safety of a city,” Rogers said.

According to SafeWise, data for the 2018 rankings was collected from the 2016 FBI crime report statistics and population data. The rankings were derived from the number of reported violent and property crimes in each city. The rate of crimes was then divided per 1,000 people in each respective city.

First Selectman Jayme Stevenson shared the news via Twitter on Tuesday.

“Our residents value a safe and healthy community. There are many things that make Darien a special place to raise a family and operate a business, but public safety is the No. 1 most important community healthy living asset,” Stevenson said via phone on Tuesday.

Stevenson praised first responders in town.

“The Darien Police Department, in collaboration with regional and state law enforcement personnel, work tirelessly to keep our community free from crime,” Stevenson said.

Chief of Police Ray Osborne, who has been in the position for over a year, congratulated his force.

“I can attest that the men and women of the Darien Police Department work very hard ... to do everything that we can to keep our community safe and secure for the residents, the business owners and the people who visit and pass through our town,” Osborne said.