Police: Thief steals

steak, lobster

from Whole Foods

Police were dispatched to Whole Foods, 150 Ledge Road, on May 15 to investigate a reported larceny.

Upon arrival, officers spoke to a Whole Foods shift leader, who had been notified by a fellow worker that an unknown man left the store with steak and lobster tails. The shift leader told police she wanted to press charges.

The shift leader told police the man first went to the meat department and ordered $94.34 worth of porterhouse steak. He then walked over to the seafood department and ordered $87.92 of lobster before allegedly leaving the store without paying.

The man was followed outside by the shift leader, who took a picture of the black Ford F150 pickup truck in which he left the lot. A license plate check showed the truck belonged to Daniel Horowitz, 52, of Stamford, police said. Darien police also learned there was a warrant out for Horowitz’ arrest in Norwalk on a larceny charge.

Officers at Whole Foods reviewed store surveillance video, contacted Stamford police and met with officers at 31 Park St. in Stamford to try and locate Horowitz at his last known address. He was not there; a resident told police Horowitz had not lived there since August.

Officers also reviewed a Stamford police report from May 16 in which an abandoned black Ford F150 belonging to Horowitz was found at 106 Dora St. in Stamford, police said.

On May 25, Darien police received an arrest warrant for Horowitz, charging him with sixth-degree larceny and a court set bond of $10,000.

On May 27, Stamford police told Darien police they had Horowitz in custody for motor vehicle charges. Stamford processed Horowitz and released him on a written promise to appear in court before turning him over to Darien.

Police: Woman found with marijuana

after crash

Police responded to Mansfield Avenue near Mather Road on May 16 after a report of an accident with injuries. Upon arrival, officers saw two vehicles had collided head-on in the northbound lane.

An officer found an injured woman, later identified as Lauren Curcio, 18, of Stamford, sitting on a nearby rock, police said. Curcio told police she had been driving her Honda south on Mansfield Avenue when she looked down, crossed into the northbound lane and crashed into a car coming the opposite way.

Curcio thought she might have injured her head and asked the officer to check. He observed minor injuries on her head and face. There were no injuries in the other vehicle involved in the crash.

The officer asked Curcio if she wanted to sit in the vehicle while waiting for an ambulance. Curcio initially got in the back, but then got out and moved to the front driver’s-side seat, police said.

The officer then asked for her license. Curcio responded with a debit card, according to police. The officer again asked for her license, and instead got a credit card, police said.

At that point, the officer smelled marijuana coming from the car and asked Curcio if she had any marijuana in her possession, according to the police report.

Curcio said she had a small bag and asked if she could just give the officer the bag, police said. Curcio exited the vehicle, went to the area behind the driver’s seat, opened her purse and handed the officer a large plastic bag, inside of which were clear sandwich bags containing several large buds of marijuana, police said.

The officer also saw a red plastic cup, three packages of cigars and a scale. Prescription narcotics prescribed to Curcio were recovered and were taken for safe-keeping, police said. All other items were seized as evidence.

The three bags of marijuana weighed 113.1 grams, police said.

Curcio told police she was holding the marijuana for a friend, and she had not smoked since the previous night.

Based on the amount of drugs, officers presumed Curcio intended to sell them, police said. She was issued an infraction for failure to drive right.

On May 17, Darien police were contacted by Curcio’s attorney, who told police Curcio would no longer provide any information regarding the incident.

On May 22, officers applied for an arrest warrant for possession of less than 4 ounces of marijuana, possession with intent to sell and possession of drug paraphernalia.

The warrant was granted on May 27 and on June 1, Curcio turned herself in to police.