DARIEN — A 67-year-old Darien man was robbed of $21,000 worth of iTunes gift cards through a phone scam.

In late March, the victim received a call on his home phone from a man with an Indian accent who said he was from the federal government and was named “Andrew Lissel.” The caller said the victim was being awarded a joint “U.S./U.K. grant” for $7,900 and the victim needed to pay fees to have the money transferred to the United States. The caller told the victim he could cover the fees by buying Apple iTunes gift cards and giving the caller the serial numbers.

Between March 28 and April 5, the victim bought around $21,000 worth of iTunes gift cards and gave their serial numbers to the caller in subsequent phone calls where the caller also used the name “Mark Cooper.” On April 5, the victim, a resident of Rebel Lane, finally went to police to report the scam.

Police are still actively investigating this incident and there are no suspects at this time. Police caution residents to be wary of phone calls from anyone purporting to be a government representative, especially anyone asking for payment via gift cards or wire transfers. Police said if these requests are unsolicited and made through the phone or internet, they are likely scams.

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