Darien man arrested for DWI, two children in car

Photo of Justin Papp

DARIEN — Police arrested a man Saturday on allegations he drove drunk with two children in the car.

Corey Davis, 46, of 74 Salisbury Road, was arrested about 11 a.m., charged with driving while intoxicated and two counts of risk of injury to a minor.

Police said an officer who was directing traffic on the morning of the arrest on Middlesex Road at High School Lane noticed a black 2013 Chevy Suburban at the front of a line of cars traveling southbound and moving at an extremely slow rate of speed.

As the Suburban approached the officer, the driver, who had his window down, stopped approximately five feet from the officer, staring blankly and appearing confused. The officer asked if the operator needed assistance, at which point he noticed the odor of alcohol coming from the car, according to a police report. He then asked the operator to pull the vehicle over onto High School Lane and then removed the keys from the vehicle and radioed headquarters. The officer saw two young boys, ages 10 and 8, in the car.

Officers arriving on the scene spoke with the driver, identified by that point as Davis, and reported that his eyes were dilated, his movements were slow, his speech was slurred and that there was a long delay before he answered questions.

He appeared unsteady on his feet and held onto the driver’s side door for support, police said.

He told police he had not been drinking alcohol, but that he had not slept the previous night.

Davis performed poorly on three field sobriety tests administered by the officers, the last of which he was not able to complete, police said. Davis was walked out of view of the children and handcuffed.

A family member responded minutes later to pick up the children, and the Suburban was parked in a nearby lot. Davis was transported to headquarters without incident.

At headquarters, police said, Davis spoke with his lawyer on the phone and informed police that he would not make comments or submit to any tests.

Police said he did, however, tell them he had been arrested for DWI once before in Darien, but his lawyer “took care of it.”

Davis was given a May 26 court date and was issued a $2,000 bond, which was posted using a bail bondsman.

The report notes that at the time of his release to a different member of his family than the one who picked up his children, over three hours after the initial interaction, Davis was still very unsteady on his feet.

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