Police: Darien man arrested after driving over 100 mph to scare passenger

Robert Oxer, 23

Robert Oxer, 23


A Darien man was arrested in the early hours of Thursday, July 24 for breach of peace after driving from Darien to Westport and back at over 100 mph to scare his passenger.

Officers responded to Pear Tree Point Road for the report of an altercation on July 24.

Upon arrival, a man, identified as Robert Oxer, 23, was seen running from a vehicle in the driveway. The victim was located in the vehicle. The victim stated that they and Oxer had spent time together earlier in the evening.

At some point, Oxer became angry at the the vctim for “ruining” his life. Oxer drove the victim on I-95 to Westport, and back to Darien, exceeding speeds of 100mph in an attempt to scare the victim.

The two returned to Oxer’s residence, where the victim exited Oxer’s vehicle. Oxer blocked the victim’s vehicle so they were unable to leave. Eventually the victim was able to leave, but Oxer followed in his vehicle at a close distance. At one point, Oxer pulled alongside the victim and convinced them to return to his residence to talk.

Upon return, Oxer got into the victim’s vehicle with an alcoholic beverage and began to yell at the victim. The victim stated that Oxer began to kick the door of their vehicle. When Oxer got out of the victim’s car, the victim locked the doors in an attempt to keep him out. When the victim tried to reverse out of the driveway, Oxer sat on their trunk. At this point, the victim called a third party to come outside and help. When the third party came out to the driveway, Oxer pushed them and told them to get back inside the residence. Oxer returned to the victim’s vehicle and continued yelling. Oxer then climbed onto the roof of the victim’s vehicle and began to jump up and down. Oxer then tried to climb into the victim’s vehicle through the window and take the key. Oxer climbed back onto the roof of the vehicle and continued jumping. It was at this time that the victim called 9-1-1. When officers arrived, Oxer ran from the scene and could not be located.

Based on the above incident, an arrest warrant was applied for and granted. Oxer turned himself into this agency on July 27. He was processed for the breach of peace and released on a court set bond of $25,000. Oxer is due in court on July 29.