A Thomasina Lane resident was scammed out of $40 on Monday, April 5, according to police.

A Darienite reported that a man speaking broken English came to his home at 3:30 p.m. on April 5, asking whether the homeowner had any odd jobs he could perform, police said. The suspect gave the homeowner a business card for the Norwalk-based home-improvement company I Rent My Husband, LLC, according to Capt. Fred Komm.

The homeowner told the suspect he needed a new faucet for his kitchen sink, and gave the man $40 cash to purchase one at Home Depot; the suspect left in a red, four-door sedan with New York plates and never returned, police said.

The homeowner called the phone number on the business card at 7 p.m., and spoke with the company's owner, who said he did not know the suspect, but that he leaves business cards all over the area to encourage new business, according to police.

Darien Police suspect that the man picked up one of the business cards to use as a prop in this scam, according to Komm.

Police described the man as a 5-foot-8 white male about 40 years old with a medium build black hair and a "very large, hooked nose."

Anyone with information about the incident is encouraged to call the Darien Police at 203-662-5300.