The State has officially granted Darien a moratorium after a lengthy review process.

First Selectman David Campbell issued a statement saying the town received the four-year moratorium, but the issue of affordable housing still needed to be addressed.

"This moratorium is a short-term solution to the bigger issue of creating an affordable housing plan appropriate for Darien," Campbell said in the statement. "I am a supporter of affordable housing in Darien, but it must be done in a thoughtful way that does not devalue the properties of neighboring home owners."

The state's assessment of available affordable housing granted Avalon 106 points and Clock Hill Homes 30 points which gave the town the exact 136 points required for a moratorium. However, neither the Cottage or Villager pond were awarded any moratorium points. The Cottage didn't receive any points because the state believed it should be classified as a single-family residence. Clock Hill Homes did not qualify for any points because a certificate of occupancy was issues before July 1, 1990, according to the State.

Christopher Stefanoni, whose development plans for affordable housing are unaffected by the decision, said in a statement that "it was a pleasure for me to spend much of 2010 helping the town to clarify how moratorium points are tallied. However, a moratorium has no effect on me as I have 62 units in the pipeline.

Stefanoni continued by saying the moratorium only hurts larger developers like Avalon, and that any development with up to 40 units is exempt from a moratorium as long as it offers government assistance.

"I hope residents eventually realize that my way of developing affordable housing, especially for seniors, is the best way for Darien. Nevertheless, I believe that I still deserve an invitation to Dave Campbell's moratorium party."

In an interview with the Darien News, Campbell acknowledged that the moratorium was only a temporary solution and that the statute needed to be changed.

Campbell said he will work with state representatives to make changes to the CGS 8-30G statute.