DARIEN — @TownofDarienCT has joined Twitter and “Town of Darien, CT” is also an official Facebook page.

The Twitter account sent out its first tweet on Nov. 21 to remind residents to renew parking permits as late fees would increase to $50 by Dec. 8, 2017. As of December, pictures of the ongoing construction at Public Works Garage have been tweeted and posted on Facebook.

Town Administrator Kathleen Clarke Buch will run the newly created Facebook and Twitter accounts. As of Wednesday, the account is following 22 accounts and has 19 followers.

“These platforms will serve to make announcements and to get more citizen interaction,” Buch said. “Once we get people aware of the pages we will post about town hall events and if snow causes closures.”

The town account is following Sen. Chris Murphy, Rep. Jim Himes, D-4, as well as the Darien Health Department, police and several news outlets.

“There will be limited interaction and we will only comment where it’s appropriate,” Buch said. “We may look at a way for people to send their pictures but we’re just starting out for now.”

Darien First Selectman Jayme Stevenson said it is important to stay in touch with resident.

More Information

Follow Darien Town Hall

Twitter: @TownofDarienCT

Facebook: “Town of Darien, CT” (labeled “Government Organization”)

“We are hoping to use all available media channels to engage and keep our residents informed.” she said.

Amanda Goodman, the manager of social media for Darien Library, said she is likely to retweet or follow the account on both platforms.

“I would want to know what they’re talking or tweeting about,” Goodman said. “I retweet the recycling center and the Darien Athletic Foundation so I follow a lot of the local accounts.”

Adelaide Baxter, a senior at Darien High School, says she doesn’t use Facebook or Twitter but thinks that “the Facebook account will be helpful for adults.” As to Twitter, Baxter said, “I don’t think Twitter will be as accessible for adults but maybe more so for kids.”

Nancy Sforza, Darien resident, only uses email but thinks her children could benefit from the town account.

“My kids are on Facebook and Twitter,” she said, “so they’ll probably follow the account but they’re very low-key.”