A series of storms looms in the forecast for southwestern Connecticut through the weekend.

The National Weather Service says shower and thunderstorms -- some with the potential for heavy rain, wind and lightning -- are possible for the region through Saturday.

The greatest threat of storms is posed in afternoons and evening, according to the NWS.

Skies today will be cloudy, with a daytime high temperature reaching into the mid-70s.

Tonight, the low will be about 66 degrees, as the potential for storms and thunderstorms continues in the early-morning hours of Thursday.

The outlook for Thursday and Friday is very similar: showers and thunderstorms, most likely in the afternoons, with cloudy skies and daytime temperatures in the 70s. Nighttime also could see stormy conditions.

Saturday's weather also could be unsettled, the weather service predicts, although the odds of heavy storms are less.

By Sunday, the NWS says, should see a break in the storm cycle, with sunny skies and temperatures in the high-70s.