Darien police are warning owners of smaller dogs, cats and other animals to be on guard for coyotes after a bichon frise was killed the night of March 15, Darien Detective Mark Cappelli said.

On the night of March 15, police got a call from a Knollwood Lane resident that had found the dog dead on the front lawn after letting the pet out to roam, Cappelli said.

Though a coyote was not seen, a veterinarian said the four puncture wounds on the dog looked like a coyote's work, Cappelli said.

He said owners of small dogs should be aware of the risk of attacks when letting small animals out at night, but advised residents to not be overly agitated.

Any concerns about coyote sightings can be reported to Darien Animal Control officer Chip Stahl, but police will not automatically respond to a sighting unless the animal is lingering in an area. The information is valuable to help track the presence or movement of the coyotes, Cappelli said.

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