After months of speculation, officials announced that the combined New Canaan/Darien probate court will be located in Darien.

First Selectman Jeb Walker is pleased with the decision because he said Darien has a much better facility. When asked about travel concerns, Walker acknowledged there might be a few residents who complain, but asked, "How often do you have to go to the probate court?"

The court merger will begin after the election, Walker said.

"[Darien First Selectman David Campbell] and I will work with that individual throughout the process," Walker said.

Initially, there had been talk of merging New Canaan and Darien with other towns, Walker said. However, he said fought with the legislature to make sure the probate court stayed in either Darien or New Canaan.

"Overall, I'm very comfortable with the approach to locate the court in Darien."

Walker said the choice to put the probate court in Darien leaves the towns in better shape than if he had sat still and the process had included consolidating more towns.

Campbell said the state probate court chose Darien because it "was a better facility." The two courts will begin merging in January, Campbell said.

Republican Candidate for Probate Judge Mike Murray said Campbell and Walker worked hard to choose a location for the court and it is good that the merger is moving ahead.

However, Murray said he isn't heavily involved in the merger at the moment because he is gearing up for the November elections where is being challenged by Chris McClancy who petitioned to get onto the ballot. Darien resident McClancy is not affiliated with a political party.