DARIEN — An Uber user in Darien paid a local driver after he allegedly kicked his car door, causing damage.

On July 1 around 11:50 p.m., an Uber driver was bringing four people to a home on Tokeneke Road. When he approached the house, the passengers yelled at him to turn into the driveway. The driver obeyed and as he drove down the driveway, one of the male passengers began to yell at the driver to slow down because the passenger’s dog might be outside. The passenger then told the driver to stop so they could get out and then reached up to the front of the car, ripped the driver’s iPad off its mount and smacked the side of his head.

The passengers left the car, but the male passenger continued to yell at the driver. When he got out, he kicked the driver’s door and damaged it. The driver said he wasn’t confrontational with the passengers.

The passenger who kicked the door told police the driver was driving “aggressively” and “speeding” up the driveway. He said when he told the driver to stop and everyone left the car, the driver yelled at everyone from inside the car. The passenger said the driver tried to get out of the car and the passenger kicked the door shut out of fear.

Police noted the passengers smelled like alcohol, suggesting they were drunk. The male passenger offered restitution to the driver, which the driver agreed to, so no further police action is expected.

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