Darien TikTok star Taylor Felt to release first song

Darien's Taylor Felt is releasing her first official title

Darien's Taylor Felt is releasing her first official title “Once in a Blue Moon” on Friday, May 21. Felt has garnered a colossal social media following over the past several years, particularly through sharing her music and performances on Tik Tok, where she now has close to three million followers.

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DARIEN — The emerging success of Taylor Felt follows the time and dedication she’s given her love of singing and songwriting.

“I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t obsessed — and in love — with music,” said Felt, 20, who is releasing her first title “Once in a Blue Moon” on Friday.

Felt has garnered a colossal social media following over the past several years, particularly through sharing her music and performances on TikTok, where she has gained nearly three million followers.

“I organically grew my following on TikTok and Instagram over the years by just showing my voice and promoting my love for music, and it was so great just to grow such a cool community,” she said.

This combination of media saviness and musical abilities has put Felt on a road to success that so far has included performing the National Anthem before a crowd of 20,000 people for a Lakers game at the Staples Center in Los Angeles just prior to the pandemic, a title song co-writing credit with Jaden Smith for the film “Life in a Year,” and the simple joy of getting to reach an ever-widening audience with the music she loves.

“The Lakers game was one of my proudest moments,” said her mom, Christine Felt. “Seeing her perform in front of 20,000-plus people, how composed she was and amazing she did, made me realize even more how ready she is for this success.”

While she continues to accompany her daughter on what’s become a bi-coastal journey, much of Taylor Felt’s work is rooted in her Darien home, where her entire family continues to provide support and inspiration.

“It’s such a family affair, which is awesome,” Taylor said.

Her parents, Christine and Kenneth Felt, who have operated East Coast Irrigation for years in Darien, have always aimed to give their children creative license in pursuing their individual arts.

Taylor Felt said the family living room is like a studio space, with her guitar, piano and more serving as part of the decor.

“Our house is really like a running production team,” she said.

“We’re all very artsy and creative (and) our parents are the most supportive ever,” she said.

Taylor Felt credits her three younger brothers for their support — in particular, noting 18-year-old KC, a burgeoning video effects producer, as being instrumental in promoting her work.

“I've been working on music videos for the past few years,” KC Felt said, including handling visual effects for Machine Gun Kelly’s latest piece. “But I love working with my sister the most.”

“I got to be on set for ‘Once In A Blue Moon’ and am so happy to be a part of it,” he said of the accompanying video that will also be available Friday.

Taylor Felt’s musical journey began when she was 2 years old, according to her mother, when her aunt bought her a karaoke machine.

“She was 2 years old and never put it down,” Christine Felt said. “She hasn't stopped singing since.”

Her first — and possibly biggest — influence was Beyonce Knowles, founder of Destiny’s Child.

“I loved Beyonce and Madonna and I would sing their songs so loud around the house,” Taylor Felt recalled. “I was in love with the performing (and) just yearning to be on the stage.”

She began voice lessons at age 7, while also studying piano. A mix of melodies and lyrics that fought for her attention prompted her to also start writing her own stuff.

“It’s so therapeutic to me and really helps take my emotions and feelings and puts them into words,” she said, noting a special notebook of hers that holds all the new creations.

“I try to write things that people are afraid to say … what people are thinking of and what they’re feeling,” she explained.

Each song has its own origin — arriving through a different process and composed from a different angle.

“She's strong, kind, confident, hard-working and has one of the best voices of her generation, paired with her ability to write songs from the heart,” Christine Felt said.

Taylor Felt’s imminent release, which she developed with producer Fresh, is something upbeat that she envisions as a kind of summertime anthem.

“I’m so excited for everybody to hear it,” she said, praising Fresh as someone who understands her creativity and offers ideas upon which they build together.

“In the song, I touch on just letting your hair down, getting into your zone and doing something once in a blue moon,” she said.