Scouts in Darien are activating to help alleviate the personal protective equipment (PPE) shortage that many healthcare systems are facing with a face shield drive in partnership with the Andrew Shaw Memorial Trust.

“I’m proud of our Scouting families across Darien who are stepping up to support our hospitals and healthcare workers. Our Scouts have always stepped up to help the community in times of need,” said Grant Evans, Scoutmaster, Troop 53. “These face shields will help our healthcare workers by giving them critical protection from the COVID-19 virus, yet are simple to make. It is a fun project for the family to work on together, so let’s all join together and make masks.”

Evans shared that the Scouts were inspired after seeing an instructional video posted by Stamford doctor on YouTube. Evans said, “Stamford Hospital’s Dr. Scott Chudnoff does an incredible job of explaining how to make the face shields in an instructional video.”

To make the face shields, gather the following materials:

Single hole puncher + scissors

Ribbon (1/4 inch x 30 inch per shield) or elastic band material

Frost King E/O 3/4 in. x 7/16 in. x 10 ft. Black High-Density Rubber Foam Weatherstrip Tape Model# R734H at Home Depot ( about 20” per shield)

Fellows Binding Presentation Covers, 8mil, letter, 100 pack, clear (52089)

Assembly instructions:

1. Order materials (see list above)

2. Follow the video-linked directions given by Stamford Hospital’s Dr. Scott Chudnoff. One helpful addition may be to use elastic instead of ribbon for the headband if you can find it. Consider two half hitches instead of an overhand knot.

3. Deliver completed face shields to the front porch of the Andrew Shaw Memorial Trust Darien Scout Cabin, 140 West Ave, Darien. Please mark the quantity on the box. Please leave a separate sheet of paper in the mailbox (just to the left of the front door) with your name and the quantity produced.

4. Recruit a friend to support the drive as well. We welcome the help.

Completed face shields can be dropped off at the Andrew Shaw Memorial Trust Scout Cabin. Troop 53 will donate the face shields to Stamford Hospital on a weekly basis. For more information on the face shield drive and other Scouting initiatives, please visit: