Republican Tracy Marra running unopposed for state's 141st District representing Darien, Rowayton

141st District Connecticut House of Representatives candidate Tracy Marra

141st District Connecticut House of Representatives candidate Tracy Marra

Terrie Wood

DARIEN — Republican candidate Tracy Marra is running unopposed to represent the 141st district in the Connecticut House of Representatives.

Marra, a Darien resident, is set to replace Representative Terrie Wood, who is stepping down after completing her seventh term as the legislative representative serving Darien and Rowayton. Marra previously worked as Wood's campaign chair during the 2020 election.

Marra has received endorsements from CT Realtors; Log Cabin Republicans, which advocates for equal rights for LGBTQ people; Fraternal Order of Police and the Independent Party.

“I believe Tracy Marra will hold Hartford accountable for economic policies that hurt Connecticut and I’m confident she’ll serve Darien and Rowayton just as successfully as her predecessor, Terrie Wood did,” Lisa Brinton, Independent Party State Central Committee and State Senate Candidate, said in a statement.

The support from the Independent Party is significant for Marra, who said she intends to prove she can reach across the aisle after a contentious 2020 election year.

"It wasn’t pretty” she said of the previous election. “I think our town needs to be united under a moderate voice.”

When describing her political stance, Marra said she falls "socially in the middle" and fiscally "a little bit to the right," though she said her ultimate priority is to speak on behalf of the residents of Darien and Rowayton in Hartford rather than promote a personal agenda.

“I should be a conduit to be these voices,” she said. “I am running to represent the people in our community. That’s the part that so many people miss when they run. They come with their own advocacy.”

Bringing in local voices is crucial to making Connecticut more affordable for businesses and residents who have been hurt by high taxes, Marra said.

She called Darien’s recently submitted affordable housing plan the “gold standard” for communities, adding that residents have “that local touch to understand what areas can handle, what type of housing is really important.”

She said she is an advocate for community safety and wants to "boost morale" for local law enforcement.

"They know what’s wrong, they know what needs to be done right," she said. "Making sure that they know they're supported is important.”

As a pharmacist with more than 20 years of professional experience, Marra said she will prioritize responses to the opioid crisis, particularly improving access to Narcan, a prescription treatment for narcotics overdoses.

Preventing gun violence has been a priority for Marra since her early days in politics as part of Connecticut Against Gun Violence, where she first met Wood.

"I’m not singular in being Republican and wanting gun safety," she said.  

Marra is on the board of the Darien Community Association and represented District 2 as a member of the Darien Republican Town Committee.