Darien Republicans to hold caucus for town committee members

Darien RTC will hold a caucus next week.

Darien RTC will hold a caucus next week.


Darien Republicans will hold caucus of all enrolled Republican Electors of the Town of Darien at 7 p.m. on Jan. 13, at the Darien Town Hall Auditorium, 2 Renshaw Road. This caucus is called to endorse candidates for the Darien Republican Town Committee (“Darien RTC”). No other business will be in order. The Caucus will endorse candidates to serve on the Darien RTC for the 2020 to 2022 term.

Candidates to be proposed for endorsement at the Caucus are listed below with their voting district:

• Sayan Chakraborty, District 2

• Alexander H. Davidson, District 2

• James J. Demark, District 1

• Bonnie Frate Dora, District 6

• Christopher Emme, District 5

• Robert J. Fiordaliso, District 6

• John Davies Goodwin, Jr., District 6

• Robert A. Hulick, District 3

• Ann-Gail B. Hult, District 2

• John F. King, District 1

• Tracy H. Marra, District 2

• Douglas J. McKay, District 4

• Belinda Bewkes Metzger, District 1

• Marcy A. Minnick, District 5

• Michael Patrick Murray, District 4

• Parker Rand-Riccardi, District 3

• Raymond D. Slavin, District 6

• James Edward Solberg, District 2

• Christopher H. Taylor, District 6

• Rachel B. Taylor, District 6

• Bert H. von Stuelpnagel, District 1

Other candidates for endorsement by the Caucus could only be nominated by petition by submitting to the Chairman or the Secretary of the Darien RTC not less than five (5) days prior to the date set for the Caucus a declaration of candidacy, the deadline for which has passed.