DARIEN — At the beginning of the week, all six Darien Representative Town Meeting Districts had vacancies — 14 spots were yet to be filled. By the end of the week, only eight spots remained open.

Districts 3 and 5 held caucus meetings Monday evening an hour prior to the state of the town address. After interviews and deliberations were concluded, the vacancies for these districts were filled.

Lisa Yarnell, the chairman for District 3, said there was “really great interest” by residents as there were a total of four applicants contesting for two vacancies. Scott Zimmerman and Petr Marousek will be the new RTM members of District 3.

“The pool of candidates was great and Scott and Petr are wonderful additions to District 3,” Yarnell said Tuesday morning.

Mac Patrick, chairman of District 5, said six residents were interviewed for the four vacancies. David Martin, Britton Costa, Lindsay Kelly and Frederick Hebert will be the new RTM members as of Monday evening.

“We had very good candidates and unfortunately you have to tell a couple of people that they weren’t caucused in,” Patrick said. “The reality is that there are many commissions that people can join and things they can do in town. There are also elections for the RTMs every year.”

District 2 will have their caucus on Jan. 22 and, as of this week, four applicants are currently vying for the one vacancy.

The chairman for District 2, Nina Miller, explained the caucus process.

“We take what we learn from the applicants, their focus, their expertise and other things to place them in a suitable committee,” said Miller. “The applicant comes before the district members, we hear what they have to say and then we talk and then invite them back to our caucus.”

District 1, 4 and 6 have yet to decide when their caucuses will be held.

Town Clerk Donna Rajczewski said that prospective candidates should have “an interest in serving their districts and finding what the RTMs are all about.”Being a registered voter is the sole requirement to apply for a position on the RTM.

Once one has been caucused into an RTM there is a requirement to participate in one of the town committees. “RTM members will fill out a preference sheet to select their choices for a committee,” Rajczewski said. “The Rules committee are the ones who determine which members will serve on what committees for the duration of one year.”

More Information

Become a part of the RTM

If you are interested in applying to an RTM, contact the respective District Chair for information on upcoming caucuses:

District 1 has two vacancies - contact Brad Pattelli - brad@pattelli.com

District 2 has one vacancy - contact Nina Miller - pokebox@aol.com

District 4 has four vacancies - contact Brian Rayhill - brianrayhill@gmail.com

District 6 has one vacancy - contact Caroline Luz - luzfamily@gmail.com