In a meeting at the Darien Town Hall Monday night, the RTM's Park and Recreation Committee voted in favor of a proposed animal control ordinance that could affect local dog owners in public places around Darien.

The ordinance proposes that dog owners or keepers should retain control of their dog, promptly and properly dispose of the dog's feces, and keep the dog on a leash no longer than 25 feet while on public streets, sidewalks and any other public property. These regulations do not apply to dogs used by a governmental agency or service animal, the ordinance states.

"The `yes' votes (signify) that we all felt this was appropriate for the town," committee Chairman Cheryl Russell said. Three of the 11 voting members opposed passing the ordinance for reasons that were not disclosed.

The relevance of the ordinance to the Park and Recreation committee was a focal point of the discussion at the meeting.

"We may be taken out of the equation because there's nothing here that reflects the Parks and Rec.," Russell said. "This is for public streets and sidewalks. That's the intention of this ordinance."

The committee will bring their decision to the full Representative Town Meeting on Sept. 26 for a final decision. If passed, the ordinance will go into effect in October.

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