Mailbox thefts continue in Darien.

On Feb. 24, a Dubois Street resident said hey were made aware of an overdue cell phone bill in spite of having mailed a check. When she checked her banking information, she observed that the check in question had been deposited to a name she didn’t recognize and for a different amount. The complainant stated they had put the check in their residential mailbox on Jan. 20, and the check was cashed on Jan. 22.

On Feb. 25, an Outlook Drive said they received a notification from their home security video system at 11:56 p.m. The complainant watched on camera as a dark colored SUV pulled up in front of their home and a passenger exited the vehicle. The person then took the mail from the mailbox and returned to the vehicle. The complainant stated that a credit application had been in the outgoing mail, which contained a copy of her driver’s license.

On Feb. 25, a Beach Drive resident said he placed three outgoing checks in his mailbox and that normally his mail carrier doesn’t come until 4 p.m. The complainant had put the red “outgoing” flag up indicating outgoing letters. The complainant subsequently found the mail had been taken from the mailbox.

On Feb. 26, a Relihan Road resident said they were inside their home when the witnessed a Silver SUV pull up to her neighbor’s house. The passenger exited the vehicle, took the mail from the mailbox, and returned to the vehicle. The suspect was described only as a black male. Officers contacted the victim who stated they had sent a birthday card containing nothing of value.

On Feb. 26, while investigating the Relihan Road incident, an officer learned another resident of Relihan road was victimized. The victim placed two outgoing checks in her mailbox around 0900hrs. When the officer questioned the victim, she checked the mailbox and found the checks missing. Also during that investigation of the area, a Maple Street resident said a check had been stolen from their mailbox. The victim stated she put an outgoing check in her mailbox earlier that morning. When questioned by officers, she found the check had been removed.