Many Darien residents have voiced concerns about the recent reports of EEE in the news. Please see the two recent notifications below from the State Epidemiologist, Dr. Matthew Cartter, which includes a statement from Governor Lamont. Points to consider are:

1. Illness associated with EEE, or WNV remains very rare.

2. Despite intense monitoring done by the State, as of 09-25-19, most positive EEE mosquitoes have been reported east of the Connecticut River, while positive EEE mosquitos were found west of the River in Shelton, Madison and Chester.

3. No mosquitoes with EEE (or reports of illness) have been found in Darien or in nearby communities. However, mosquitoes positive for West Nile Virus have been found in Darien

4. Mosquito activity is reduced by cooler weather and according to the State, that activity already declining (see the press release below from the governor)..

5. Assuming the continuation of evening events, we recommend the use of standard personal protective measures, such as applying repellant and wearing clothes that cover skin (long sleeves, long pants).

For the most recent updates on the mosquito testing program please visit the Ct Agricultural Experiment Station website:

At this point, there is no recommendation that evening events in Darien be curtailed. Precautions against mosquito bites is advised.