Darien First Selectman candidate: Chris Noe

Chris Noe

Chris Noe

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For five previous elections, Darien’s Chris Noe said he has “warned where trouble lies ahead.”

“Those elected did nothing but prove I was right,” added Noe, an unaffiliated candidate, who is running for first selectman in November against incumbent First Selectman Jayme Stevenson, who is seeking a fifth term.

This is Noe’s sixth consecutive run for first selectman.

Noe said he’s running again because he’s “disappointed” with the current administration.

“Now it is time for them to step aside and let me use different strategies to achieve our goals,” he said.

For Noe, those goals include “great schools, lower taxes, higher property values, and policies designed to unite us as a community where we support each other.”


Noe said he’s confident he’ll succeed as first selectman due to his “proven business plan in residential construction,” where he made himself “a millionaire.”

“Coupled with investments, I retired at 44,” he added.

He said he’s “smart, efficient and always looks to long term goals and financial decisions.”

He became involved with town policies with a protest at his home in 1992.

When he retired, he entered town government, which is where he said he learned everything about the Affordable Housing law 8-30g, which he calls “exploited.”

State statute 8-30g allows developers to circumvent local zoning in towns that do not meet the state’s affordable housing goals, which include making at least 10 percent of the local housing stock affordable.

Noe said he has “crafted a plan that ended [8-30g’s] stranglehold in Darien permanently.”

In addition, he served four years in the RTM “as a law maker helping craft policies for the town of Darien.”

He added that his five previous elections show “proven ideas of which many are still attainable. Other opportunities due to timing have been lost.”

Greatest challenges

One of Darien’s greatest challenges, according to Noe, are voters.

“The voter is the problem statewide,” he said. “Voters want change but elect the same candidates, expecting a different outcome.”

Noe has begun posting videos on Facebook under “Vote Noe” about current issues.

If elected, Noe said he would like the opportunity “to undo the many blunders of the previous administrations.”

He added that he was disappointed that “we lost Pear Tree Point School. Ox Ridge was financially weak. We should help the weak, not exploit them. Would we buy Wee Burn [Country Club] too?”

In addition, he said there should be a buy-back clause added to the sale of Ox Ridge’s land where a philanthropist or a group of residents could raise the money to buy it back.

“Notice I’m still calling it their land,” he said, referring to Ox Ridge.

“It was a forced sale due to temporary financial hardship. We can design deed restrictions and tax advantages for limited public use and make them whole again —This is an example of my leadership.”

The Representative Town Meeting approved the town’s acquisition of a 16-acre parcel of Ox Ridge Hunt Club in February 2017 for $6.25 million.

On the topic of government, Noe said, he’s “a businessman. Government should promote a healthy environment for private enterprise to prosper.”

He added, “We are over-regulated.”

About Noe

In 1987, at the age of 26, Noe moved to Darien from Stamford and bought a house. Noe is divorced with two children. His ex-wife died of cancer in 2010. His parents are in their 90s and his brother lives in California.

In regard to what one might not know about Noe, is that 10 years ago, “I said the old sewer pipe would blow-up, and it did near Papa Joe’s [restaurant] during a storm. My property was flooded with three feet of sewage.”


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