Darien Firefighters' Foundation donates new SUVs to local departments

DARIEN — The Darien Firefighters’ Foundation recently donated two customized Chevrolet Tahoes to the Darien Fire Department and Noroton Heights Fire Department.

These units were specifically designed to allow the fire departments to respond directly to accidents or fire scenes.

“The rapid deployment of officers to critical incidents leads to the efficient deployment of the exact apparatus and personnel necessary to immediately render aid. Further, Unit 47 and Unit 200 are designed to carry lifesaving equipment — positioning the officers to intervene instantly while simultaneously summoning additional resources,” said Stephen F. X. Roney, secretary of the foundation.

The foundation supports the town’s all-volunteer fire departments (Darien, Noroton and Noroton Heights) with financial support.

The foundation was formed in January 2007 as a civilian-run organization and raises funds to support the overall first responder capabilities in the town of Darien and its mutual aid jurisdictions. The foundation is committed to support and enhance the standards of safety in the Darien community, Roney said.

“With the support of the town of Darien Firefighters’ Foundation, Darien’s volunteer firefighters are thrilled to finally have a financial support network in place to off load some of their fundraising responsibilities. Our foundation’s efforts allow Darien’s first responders to spend more time training and protecting our community,” Roney said.

During the last several years, the foundation has donated funds to purchase and maintain new state-of-the-art extrication tools; purchase new cellular links for the rescue trucks to coordinate hazardous material events; improve the respective headquarters of all three departments, which can serve as shelters in extreme emergencies; purchase new utility vehicles for all three departments; and set up a fund to replace Noroton Fire Department’s Marine Unit.

Roney said the Darien Firefighters’ Foundation support is needed now more than ever.

“With increasing costs, training and demands, and this pandemic, we need to keep our community safe at every turn. Please consider donating to our foundation,” Roney said.

Roney said the foundation is hoping that its biannual fundraiser, Lobster for Ladders, can return in September after being canceled last fall due to the pandemic.

Residents can donate to the foundation online, or checks may be sent to: Town of Darien Firefighters’ Foundation, 848 Post Road, Darien, CT 06820