Darien Depot alumnus and son make $1,300 donation

DARIEN — Class of 1994 alumni of The Depot Youth Center Andrea Tidrick, and her son Matthew, Darien High School Class of 2018, recently presented a donation to the Depot’s Program Director Janice Marzano for $1,300.

To date, the pair has sold over 200 masks and gaiters, with all proceeds going towards The Depot’s Student Government Board programming.

“This comes from the intersection of my mom finally having the excuse to sit the family down for some arts and crafts, and the serendipity of my nine-year-old brother answering a school assignment about who he would give $1,000 to if he had it,” Matthew said.

In his school assignment, Matthew’s brother said he’d donate to the Depot.

“A few months, and 200 masks later, we made it a reality. It was the least we could do to give back,” Matthew, a four-year member of The Depot’s Student Governing Board, said.

Anyone looking for more information on masks can contact Tidrick at: andrea.tidrick@me.com