The Depot Youth Center is getting ready to launch its annual appeal fundraising campaign and looking forward to involving the community in a new, integrated promotional approach. Targeting new donors as well as tried and true donors, The Depot is embarking on an innovative strategy for its end of the year fundraiser including a “text to give” component.

Research shows donors today want to give online, no matter the generation, and are motivated to do so by online communication tactics. The Depot’s campaign will launch with a direct mail piece in late October and follow up with emails and a presence on social media. For more information, on Facebook at @dariendepot and Instagram @the_darien_depot.

Why donate to The Depot? The incidences of social and other stresses in our young people’s lives is on the rise, leading to deeper concerns in areas like anxiety and other emotional and behavioral troubles. The Depot’s priority is to focus on mental health for the youth of Darien. Statistics show volunteering, giving back and human connections help our youth feel HAPPY. The Depot is Darien’s judgment free, safe home-away-from-home to discover peer connections, wellness education, leadership opportunities, and build a foundation of confidence. Thank you to the Darien community for continuing to support The Depot and the youth of Darien. Any questions please contact Kesti Aysseh at