DARIEN — Two 30-year-old gas tanks at the Darien Boat Club may soon be replaced.

At Monday’s meeting of the Board of Selectmen, David Dever, an advising officer at the club, presented plans for the replacement of the two tanks — one a 6,000-gallon tank, the other a 4,000-gallon tank — which are currently stationed underground near the gated entrance to the club. The club is a spot for boats on the sound to gas up.

“Our tanks are aging out. That’s a legal aging out. The Department of Environmental Protection says that after 30 years they are no longer any good, so they must be removed. These tanks were installed 29 years ago,” Dever said.

The project, according to Dever, had been green lighted by the Advisory Commission on Coastal Waters, Parks and Recreation, Planning and Zoning, the Building Department and fire marshal. According to the club’s bylaws, because replacing the tanks is more than a $25,000 expenditure, it was necessary that Dever come before the selectmen in accordance with their lease.

The project had four bidders, and Island Pump and Tank, of New York, will carry out the task for an estimated $135,000. And additional $55,000 in contingencies has been set aside by the club.

Dever said one advantage of removing the tanks is the opportunity to instal a single 10,000 gallon tank in place, which means less hardware and plumbing and simpler wiring.

“There are certain things, when you did a whole, that you don’t know until you get down there,” Dever explained.

According to Dever, work will begin once the season is over, possibly in late-November, weather dependent.

The entire proposal, from removal to the current tanks, to installation of the new tank, should take about two weeks, during which time a chain link fence will be erected to block off the area. Aside from the fence, there should be little disturbance to the area, Dever said.

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