The Board of Selectmen unanimously voted to approve the Affordable Housing Tax Abatement Ordinance as amended at its meeting Monday night.

The BOS approved the original ordinance in September; however, when brought before the RTM, in January, members deferred the vote. It was then brought forward to the Representative Town Meeting at its Jan. 25 meeting. During that meeting, the RTM tabled the proposed tax abatement ordinance until its next meeting.

The original ordinance included the Board of Finance in an advisory role; the newly amended version states that contracts between the town and landowners must be "forwarded to the Board of Finance ... prior to consideration of any contract by the RTM."

The newly amended ordinance grants the First Selectman the ability to "enter into contracts for the town with owners of low- and moderate-income housing, granting abatement, in whole or in part, of the taxes on the real estate used for such low- and moderate-income housing," with the approval of the RTM.

The BOF will then make a recommendation, which will be advisory in nature and shall be forwarded to the RTM within 30 days, according to the ordinance.

The tax abatement ordinance is now set to move back to the RTM for a vote at the legislative body's March 15 meeting.