The Board of Finance unanimously approved a 3.25 percent mill-rate increase during its regular meeting Monday night. The town's mill rate will jump from 11.37 to 11.74 mills, increasing the average Darien resident's tax bill by $310.80.

The new budget stands at $109,691,800.

The Board of Education budget increased by 4.09 percent over last year's, coming in at $71,512,041, while the Board of Selectmen's budget inched up by 0.1 percent to $38,179,759.

When the school board brought its budget forth to the finance board in February, it contained a 4.49 percent increase, about $680,000 more than BOF Chairman Murry Stegelmann had advised the BOE to aim for. In the months since, capital projects such as floor renovations at Middlesex Middle School and other expenses have been plucked from the budget.

The Board of Selectmen also continued to trim its budget up until the last minute, slicing $68,000 from its request in the final week. Republican First Selectman Dave Campbell's $5,000 pay raise, scheduled to take effect his second year of office was among the cuts made by the BOS during crunch time.

"I'm sort of hoping that this is the worst of the budget years," Stegelmann told his board at the end of Monday night's meeting.

The Board also approved the appropriation of $2,016,720 from the reserve fund for capital and non-recurring expenditures. Additionally, the BOF granted the town the right to issue temporary notes adding up to $5 million.

This authorization would allow the town the ability to "tie [itself] over" in the case of an interruption in tax collection, Finance Department Director Kathleen Clark Buch told the BOF. The $5 million amount remains unchanged from recent years, according to Buch.

The budget is still subject to approval by the RTM, which is scheduled to vote at its May 10 meeting.