DARIEN — The Darien Board of Education unanimously approved field trips for the middle and high schools after requesting further information about them in the last meeting.

After the board expressed concerns about the amount of times students would be out for field trips, both schools cut down on several of their trips by readjusting travel times to leave sooner to the date of the events they’d be attending.

“I just wanted to make sure the administration saw the days and were comfortable with that,” said board member Michael Burke. “Thank you for doing the work.”

The Model UN elected to travel after school and and the Quiz Bowl reduced their trip by one day by traveling in the morning of their event.

Some field trips could not be moved based on flight times and prices, which the board said they understood.

Board members expressed approval of the new plans and suggested that in the future, the principals add the number of students attending the trips onto the form they submit to the board.

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