After months of debate, the Board of Selectmen approved nearly $7 million for the proposed building "shuffle."

Republicans Jayme Stevenson, Jerry Nielsen and First Selectman Dave Campbell approved the motion while Democrats David Bayne and Callie Sullivan opposed.

Prior to the vote, a number of residents voiced their opinions. One issue included concerns over whether 35 Leroy Ave. would be included in the cost of the project. Residents also questioned the need for more space for the Board of Education. However, many agreed that regardless of their feelings for the shuffle, there was a definite need for a new senior center.

Sullivan and Bayne both said they would not vote in favor of the project because they believed alternatives were not looked at and there wasn't a clear plan for future operating costs for the new senior center. Both selectmen agreed with the need for a new senior center, but wanted to see a cost-effective proposal that is sized appropriately for the community's need.

Stevenson disagreed with the belief that other alternatives were not considered and said the size of the senior center was appropriate.

Campbell added the cost of building a standalone senior center would be more than the cost of the shuffle.

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