The Board of Finance narrowly approved a contingency for $120,000 to pay for Phase one and Phase two of the architect's fees for the shuffle project.

Last week, the Board of Selectmen approved a $325,000 contingency transfer to cover the entire cost of the architect fee. The transfer went before the BOF last week, which reduced the funding to $61,000. However, the money was not approved because the BOF was locked in a 3-3 tie. This week, the BOS requested $120,000 which would cover the fees for the first two phases of the project.

Democratic Vice Chairman Martha Banks said she couldn't support the transfer because she was concerned it would be a waste of $120,000 if the RTM ended up not approving the project.

Republican Board member Lorene Bora and Democratic Board member Gwen Morgenson both expressed concerns with the project because there still wasn't enough information. Morgenson also said she was concerned with completing phase one and two without RTM approval.

Chairman Elizabeth Mao said she would rather spend the $120,000 to gather the necessary data since the project involves millions of dollars.

Last week Democratic Selectman David Bayne said the space being created was unnecessary because there wasn't a specified need for it.

Bayne also questioned why the Weed Beach and police station projects weren't funded out of contingency.

The board ended up approving the transfer in a 4-3 vote.